Gaithersburg HELP is guided by a Board of Directors with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Our governing structure includes an Executive Committee and Delegates from member congregations.

Meet Our Team

The Board of Directors elects officers, approves the budget, and sets operating policy. The Executive Committee meets monthly to make decisions regarding daily operations and evaluate organizational effectiveness.

Executive Committee

  • Pastor Tim Warner, President
  • [Open], Vice President
  • Margo Goldman, Executive Director
  • Hope Walker, Acting Assistant Executive Director
  • Gene Kelly, Treasurer
  • Chuck Eater, Assistant Treasurer
  • Marion Baker, Recording Secretary – Executive Committee
  • Barbara Richardson, Recording Secretary – Board of Directors
  • Theresa, Director – Food Program
  • Mimi Bolotin, Lead Food Coordinator
  • Janet Neumann, Director – Rx/Financial Program, UMAN Representative
  • William Clements, Director – Client Transportation Program
  • Jacquie Bayer, Director – Fundraising Program, United Way/CFC Coordinator
  • [Open], Director – Information Technology Programs
  • Kathy Nelligan, Interim Spanish Translator Coordinator
  • Diane Schmid, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Jacquie Bayer, Newsletter Editor/Publicity Coordinator
  • Steve Garvey, Consultant, Historian


  • Anne May, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
  • Barbara Richardson, Pathways Baptist Church
  • Bob Rogers, Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Gaithersburg
  • Donna Dannels, Gaithersburg Presbyterian Church
  • Hope Walker, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
  • Kathy Fitzgerald, Grace United Methodist Church
  • Kevin Ramsey, Shady Grove Presbyterian Church
  • Linda Bowman, Fairhaven United Methodist Church
  • Maria Tirado, St. Martin’s Catholic Church
  • Marjorie McClain, Christ the Servant Lutheran Church
  • Melanie Mitchell, Episcopal Church of the Ascension
  • Patty Norris, Gaithersburg Church of the Nazarene
  • Ray Hopkins, Emory Grove United Methodist Church
  • Ruth Bonchick, Shaare Torah
  • Steve Bell, St. Rose of Lima Parish
  • Warren Craig, Epworth United Methodist Church
  • [Open], Mill Creek Parish United Methodist Church
  • [Open], St. Francis of Assisi Parish
  • [Open], St. Luke’s Lutheran Church