Our service area includes all of zip codes 20877, 20878, 20879, 20880, and 20886, plus parts of:
……20850 (west of Shady Grove Rd and north of Piney Meetinghouse Rd)
……20855 (west of Redland Rd/Muncaster Rd)
……20882 (south of Brink Rd and west of Olney-Laytonsville Rd)

Using the interactive service area map below:
…… Click the [+] button to zoom in, the [-] button to zoom out, the [home] button to return to the initial view;
…… Enter a residence street address into the “Find address or place” box to see if it is within our service area;
…… Click here to open a full screen version of the interactive map in a separate window or tab.

Click here for a printable PDF

For more information on the other HELP organizations, MUM and MUSST, see Referrals to Other Services