If you live within the service area (e.g. Gaithersburg, Montgomery Village, Washington Grove, etc.) you can get help.


Our Programs Include:
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  • Food – a package of items for 3-5 days
  • Infant Needs – diapers and formula
  • Prescription Funding – a low cost alternative with one of our partnering pharmacies
  • Transportation – rides to medical and service agency appointments
  • Financial Support and Referrals – for residents facing eviction and utility disconnection; we can also connect you with providers that can help with housing, bills and medical care

Call us today at 301-216-2510. Cras porta porta neque ut scelerisque. Aenean feugiat, ipsum vitae dignissim malesuada, magna neque rutrum dolor, sed feugiat odio arcu vitae nisi. Donec dapibus sollicitudin diam, et molestie felis suscipit et. Integer porta nulla nisl, ut condimentum eros tincidunt in. Sed lectus lorem, pulvinar eget ipsum at, malesuada auctor purus. Vivamus vel sem quis risus lacinia consectetur. Vivamus et augue ante. Vestibulum vitae orci sed nisi rhoncus sagittis. Maecenas tempus quam in neque cursus venenatis. Suspendisse tincidunt magna sed facilisis auctor..

Gilchrist Center Guía De Inicio Rápido Para Inmigrantes - Español

Gilchrist Center Guía De Inicio Rápido Para Inmigrantes – Español